How Different Is Forex Trading Online From Others?

What is forex future?
Forex trading online is the platform where traders can trade currencies in pairs to make a profit. The trading takes place through pairs and according to the trading type, each trader can trade to any amount they want.
In forex trading online, you usually place your trade through spot transactions or forward transactions. When two parties agree to make delivery for a particular amount of currency on a pre-set date that is in the future, you call it a forex future. The particular date that is set for the delivery to take place is called the expiry date.
forex trading online enables users to trade from any part of the world at any time. Other than on holidays and Saturday-Sunday, the forex market is open to all traders for 24 hours. It is the trading time that determines the trading value of the currency.
There are many factors such as economy, tourism, etc…. that influence the money value of the currency of any country. A slight variation in these factors will make a big change in the money value of the respective currency of that country. In the case of a future contract, the currency value is pre-set concerning the expiry date.
In spot transactions, the trader only needs to pay the amount during the settlement time. Whereas in the case of a forward transaction, certain adjustments are made for the amount of the currency concerning the price value of the spot transaction.
But for a future contract, none of this is possible. In simple words, the terms associated with it are non-negotiable. The money value cannot be changed once it is bought and sold. In most cases, the trades will not hold onto their currency until the expiry date. They will sell it before that to know their profit or loss on their trade.

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