Nihar Gala, a specialist in Family Medicine of the new era

Family medicine is the medical specialty practiced by Doctor Nihar Gala. This specialist provides permanent and comprehensive care and attention to people and their families, consideringeach person’s psychological, biological, work, family, and social components. This doctor has extensive experience in implementing prevention and health promotion programs.
Among his functions as a family doctor, Nihar Gala is considered one of the leaders of the primary component of comprehensive networks of health service providers. It is the best service for people who need medical attention.
It can perform in different scenarios and levels of care, providing comprehensive care for people who consult health services, with the ability to find solutions to the many reasons for consultation.
He is a professional with extensive knowledge and experience in his area, which allows him to help many people and families.

quality care

As a specialist in Family Medicine of the new era, Nihar Gala offers humanized care, with quality, oriented to prevention. Prepares the personalized health maintenance plan, emphasizing the analysis of the risk of suffering from a disease, knows and attends to the most frequent diseases, continuously monitors the individual and his family in both health and disease, detects changes in family functionality associated with the disease and intervenes if required.

A global vision of health

As a family doctor, Nihar Galamustconsiderthe physical aspects of the disease, the psychological and social aspects, the environment in which the patient lives, their family circumstances, and social relationships, which greatly influence your state of health.
This continuous care allows us to attend to the vast majority of people’s health problems throughout their lives, often becoming the patient’s adviser and confidant.
From Alpha Care Medical, where he acts as the owner and medical director, he has a wide field of action to help more and more patients at an integral level.

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