What is the Ratjaga ceremony?

The month of Shravana is important regarding spiritual festivities and celebrations. This month is jam-loaded with gatherings, but the most notable are Naaj Panchami, Hariyali Teej, Sawan Amavasya, SawanSomwar, and Raskshabandhan, which can be all recognized on the very same day. The Hariyali Teej, also referred to as Sharavani Teej simply because which it drops within the four weeks of Shravana, is celebrated within this four weeks by committed girls globally. Teej is a particularly important working day for hitched ladies since it is your day which they see Ratijaga a fast.

About this auspicious day, they provide prayers to goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, plus they pray for the extended and wholesome life of their hubby. On this day, females swing their forearms and use mehendi with their fingers. The evening just before the festival, a unique ceremony called Ratijaga takes place. In this kind of jagrata, ladies invest the entire nighttime performing folk melodies and bhajans, which is a tradition in India.

The Ratjaga wedding service is presented on the dviteeyatithi of Shravana Shukla Paksh, as well as the Hariyali Teej wedding ceremony is kept in the subsequent day, the tritiyatithi of Shravana Shukla Paksh. About this day time, women get involved in a range of rituals let us have a look at some of them. An earthen light is traditionally lit up beneath a peepal plant later in the day on Hariyali Teej, in accordance with tradition. Additionally, you may choose to light-weight a diya looking at a Lord Shiva statue.

Foods ought to be given to those who are in need. When it comes to using eco-friendly bangles and environmentally friendly clothes, it is actually considered auspicious. When you get home from function at night, light-weight a diya in front of Lord Shani and replicate the Lord Shani mantra 108 occasions. Handing out black clothing for this time is a sensible way to generate income.

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